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Bleh, Call of Duty. Same game as the rest of them, just re-skinned.


Keep in mind that the folks playing MW3, at this point, are all very very good. Unless you enjoy respawning ever 20 seconds you aren't going enjoy the multi player. And even 32 is too much to spend on a single play campaign as short as this one.


@wilfbrim: I'm not very good, but I still enjoy the multi-player. After a couple of hours of playing and learning maps, most people will develop enough skills to survive longer. Keep in mind that even the better players can often die 20 times within a 5 to 10 minute game, so everyone is dying often (those players just get more kills before they die). That's just the nature of the game. The dying can be frustrating, but if it was easier, it wouldn't be a challenge and would be as satisfying when you do improve your skills. I think MW3 is much more accessible to new players than something like BF3.

Also, I actually play a lot more of the Spec Ops section. It is a lot of fun because it is just you and one other friend doing survival or missions. So you will not be dying so often in that. If someone is intimidated by the multi-player, I highly recommend spec ops as an alternative or to hone your skills and learn the maps.


This item has sold out. It was a very good deal for that price, though. Maybe they'll get more.


@fourlane77: They do tend to come and go on Secondipity, so it may be worth checking again in the near future.