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What's with the shipping options? Woot offers those now?


Who refurbed it? Woot, or Apple? Or someone else? It only has a 90 day warranty (Apple store refurbs get a full year) - can you buy AppleCare for this? Anybody know? (I need a new 32 or 64 iTouch - my 8 gb is in great shape but is is full full full)


@capguncowboy: Hell yes they do (provide more shipping options)! :)

I was at least one of the people to ask for faster shipping options on moofi. I don't mind paying a few extra dollars.


Warranty: 90 Day Woot Limited Warranty

I would consider adding one of the following extended warranties:

$59.00 AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod touch

$56.99 SquareTrade MP3 Player 2-year warranty (coverage of $220 item)


@quark613: I'm not sure who refurbished the item, but you can definitely buy AppleCare for the product, even if the product was not purchased directly from Apple.

"If you purchase your AppleCare Protection Plan and your covered product separately or if you purchase your hardware from a reseller who does not automatically register your AppleCare Protection Plan you will need to register. You can register your AppleCare Protection Plan here."


Duh! Apple store online is $250 with 1 year Apple Warranty and Free Shipping. Do the math! Woot deals on these are not a deal unless you want to roll the dice with a limited warranty and not sure who refurbed the unit...not for me!


I ordered a refurb Ipod 32 gb two days ago from Apple for 250 dollars and free shipping. Its scheduled to arrive tomorrow . I would have gotten one from Woot a long time ago but I hear about problems from other Wooters every single time they sell Apple Ipods..... scratched units or not working correctly. If the price was lower I might have taken a chance but for a little more money I get a year warranty a beautifully refurbed product. Apple gives all refurbs a new case and battery and the all important Apple white box if I decide to resell it. Those add up to twenty five bucks of peace of mind and value for me. Drop the price more and I would think about buying one for my kid who will make a new item look bad in a few weeks so slight imperfections would be ok. I haven't seen a Sansa product on Woot in a long time whats up with that ?


I bought one of these woot refurbs awhile back and other than some fit and finish (the screen is not quite flush with the case and the case is completely without markings) it has performed exceptionally well.


I work at Office Depot and we are clearancing out all of our Ipods. Weve got these ones for like $199 brand new. Call your local store to see who has them.


Two years ago, I purchased a "refurbished" iPod Touch from Apple and it came from a factory in China looking brand new. The one-year warranty was nice, too.


I bought 1 of these and it's my 1st Apple product. Owned it now for almost 2 years & it sits idol because it doesn't talk to my windows stuff & totally screwed up my immense music library when I attempted to sync it. If you got suckered in to using iTunes you will be OK, but if you have a huge MP3/video library that was not purchased from Apple & not set up in iTunes, be careful!!...never again going apple :P


I bought one of the refub 8GB units earlier this month to replace one that my son dropped.
It was cheaper to pay the 149.99 to replace the unit than to have it shipped and have the glass replaced. The iPod came in an Apple case with all of the Apple paperwork.
It works perfectly, no scratches ... not even on the chrome on the back.
I was plesantly suprised. The only thing it did not have... the two little Apple stickers that come with most Apple products. A small price to pay for the major discount. Now I wish I had bought the one they have on sale today.



I have a 32gb 3rd Gen. I have a good portion of my mp3 collection on it as well as videos. I'm not sure what you're talking about buy mine loaded fine. Oh, and I use itunes, it's great!!

Sych up with itunes and I guarantee it won't sit idle. Besides, the thing has wifi, it's a little computer!!


Still now word on Apple vice other refurbishment. Given the 90 day Woot warranty, I have a feeling these are NOT certified by Apple. As such, you will have to buy either a SquareTrade or AppleCare warranty for an additional 60 bucks, making it more expensive than the purchased from Apple (comes with the one year warranty) version.

Given the very hit and miss nature of the non Apple refurbs (some factory fresh, some ridden hard and put away wet) the discount isn't enough.


So, uh, does this one come with the iPod?


woot needs to make these cheaper so they are worth buying , its better to buy a new one for $199.00 a refurb should be around $139-149 max with the 90 warranty