dealsasus black 23" led monitor w/ coupon codeā€¦


Great monitor for the price. I have two already, and if I had the desk space, I would probably be in for a 3rd.


I have this monitor and I am very pleased with it. I used to have a 32 inch tv for monitor but I thought that was too big and didnt like sitting so close to such a big screen. This thing is plenty big enough and looks great in my opinion. I bought mine on a deal like this from Newegg in April I believe, I did receive my MIR from Asus last week also. Great buy!


I get this when putting in promom but it works none the less.
The promo code EMCXRWN24 has expired and is no longer valid.


I've also got this monitor. My only complaint is that it is very wobbly with such a thin stand, also I forgot to send in the rebate but thats my fault