- 10% off all itunes cards


Unless you have to get some right now you should wait. You can find them on sale at places for 20% off usually once a month.


I was thinking this might be the case, so im gonna wait til the week of Christmas to get my gift cards, just in case...


Whether you wait or not, you're still paying less than the value of the card so I would think twice before waiting.

These cards are not discounted in stores, but they will honor the online pricing at the register if you ask them to.


Yes, you are still saving. But you are only saving half what they can usually be purchased for. Just last month they were 20% off at best buy, for a 2 month period a few months ago they were 20% at thortons, they are 20% at walmart every 3 months or so, target had them 15% not too long ago as well.
I have been buying iTunes gift cards for 3 years and have always gotten them at 20% off.

10% off it still nice, I just would not go stocking up more than you need until the next sale.

Edit: Only current 20% I can find is Walgreens, where you purchase a $50 iTunes GC and get a free $10 Walgreens Gift Card. Walgreens does allow you to buy GC with gift cards so technically you could use that walgreens card to buy more iTunes. Obviously this is more hassle.


This deal appears to be expired?