dealsseamsters raw hide and rubber large bone puzzle…


Not only dangerous, but very deadly! Please do not buy or sell these. Do the research!


If you have already done the research and really want to warn people, why not post a link to a good source of information? just sayin


Yeah, I went through several pages of google searching. I'm pretty sure if this was a deadly toy at least something would have come up. I saw nothing but positive reviews.


Rawhides are generally not a great toy/treat to give your dog, as rawhide isn't very digestible and can cause blockages if the dog swallows big chunks. A lot of rawhides also come from places that don't have the strictest rules and inspection standards, and can contain some nasty chemicals. You can give a dog rawhides if you're careful about where they come from and watch them while they chew them... or you can just pick something that's generally better for them.

Your best bets for dog chew toys are going to be either nylon, hard rubber, antlers, or bones. The specifics will depend on the size, age, and breed of your dog, as well as on the dog's specific tastes. My lab loves mule deer antlers and his Kong, whereas my dachshund only cares for flavored Nylabones and elk antlers.