dealswestinghouse 32” super slim 1080i 120hz led hdtv…


1080i.. also called 720p :)

Been awhile since I've seen a TV advertised as "1080i" heh


Is this tv good? Seems like a good price, however I am not too familiar with the brand.


@superclean: I would suggest looking at reviews for the model and actually read the reviews don't just go by the star rating whether the star rating is high or low, which can generally be done by googling just the model number and if it's on amazon, cnet, best buy with reviews etc those links will show up on the first page generally.

As for the brand it's a store brand/off brand like Insignia, TCL, Dynex, etc which doesn't necessarily mean bad by any means I just bought a Westinghouse 40" during a cyber sale that hasn't arrived yet but had absolutely great reviews for picture quality etc. Why I say not to go by star ratings for offbrands especially is people will often give it 5 stars but their review will say things like "phenomenal picture for the price, great build quality for the price" so while it may be a good deal they're giving it 5 stars mostly in comparison to other tvs in that price range instead of in comparison to higher end tvs.