dealsonly at walmart: choice of ea game w/ bonus…


None of the optional accessories are free. All are upcharges on top of the $40.
They're charging $40 for a controller, that's a pretty standard price.

I do not consider this to be a deal because Madden 13 is already discounted to $40 everywhere and the NFS is a "greatest hits" so it is discounted. If you're on woot! then you're a shopper. A shopper smart enough to come to woot! can find a better deal than this.


I am still not seeing the free accessory. If you go to the link, the games are $39 but all the accesories are an addtional charge (unless I am missing something).


He never stated the accessory was free just that it was optional. The $20 thing is from EA on the game. Some BS I'm sure.


FIFA Soccer 13 w/ Wal-Mart Exclusive 22 Gold Packs and 2200 FIFA Points
Madden 13 w/ Wal-Mart Exclusive Madden Ultimate Team
NCAA Football 13 w/ Wal-Mart Exclusive Legends and Tools
NEED FOR SPEED: Most Wanted w/ Wal-Mart Exclusive Bonus Content

The Wal-Mart exclusives are the $20 values I'm guessing. So..... mostly BS instead of total BS ;)