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I own 2 newer hp pavilion laptops (6 &18 mos) Both are unusable due to overheating.
Common problem with these.


@videowallart: Do you meanTHIS particular model? If not, your comment is not particularly valid. I googled this model overheating, not a single entry


I have the dm 1-3025dx model, which is pretty much the same thing only mine has 3 gb of ram and only a 250 gb hdd and i run mine all night at work and I love how it stays cool. The battery life is awesome, and it is made to stay cool with HP Thermal Assistant.


Just ordered this, I'll note for others - YOU CAN USE PAYPAL.

Unfortunately this model is 2 generations behind, but there's nothing you can do about that.

For $100 more you get the current version on Amazon.

Once you place an order in the 1saleaday thing, there' no going back.


@videowallart: People who complain of overheating laptops (any brand) tend to do one or both of two things:
1. They set it on a quilt or carpet or some other soft surface that not only blocks the fans, it also holds in the heat.
2. They never blow out the fan/heat sink, so it gets slowly clogged with this little "carpet" of dust/lint/pet hair.
If doing number 1, stop that, or use a chill pad to set the laptop on. Then clean the vents/fan/heat sink. HP has some detailed (and somewhat condescending, though accurate) instructions, photos and a video here:


@bobburghart: This has Verizon 4G LTE built in. You can get wireless data if you subscribe to Verizon.


@tedfarkas: both Dv-6 models well cleaned, used with cooling pads, both prone to shutdown due to overheating,


A friend of mine has one of these and loves it. It "runs" TF2 and does all the normal things you would want out of a computer. However, this is an HP laptop, so expect to have some issues with audio drivers, he sure did.


Oh, and it probably goes without saying since they call it a netbook, but just to highlight for anyone who might not notice at first glance: No optical drive.


I have this same model (minus the 4g) and its served me very well in school. Its battery lasts FOREVER if you are somewhat conservative and its small footprint is perfect for travel. This does NOT get hot and like mentioned above, it has a program where you can tell the fans to come on or not (so if you use it on your lap, then you can force the fans on to be cooler and if you are in the library where you want it to be quiet, you can force them to be off.) Lastly, this is the easiest computer I ever upgraded. The bottom pannel comes off without tools and the ram/HD are right there. I swapped in an SSD and 8gb ram with no problems.



Do you happen to recall what RAM is uses? I have 2 2gb sticks from a 2011 MacBook Pro that I'd love to put into this new HP I'm getting. I'll be installing a SSD, too, so easy upgrading is great. Thanks!

One more thing, does it use SATA II or III?

EDIT: Have any troubles with the touchpad? That would be the only thing that would make me want to upgrade to the newer model, the new one has dedicated buttons instead of shared.



Somehow that went over my head. That's cool, I guess. Especially if VZW has a prepaid option, since I've learned to avoid contracts like the plague. Thanks.