dealsuniden dect 6.0 4-handset phone system with…


Careful with DailySteals. They have extremely poor customer service. We purchased an item but did not receive any kind of shipping notice about it. A day or two later we asked them to cancel it since they hadnt shipped it yet but had already billed us. About 3 weeks after we ordered this and had not gotten any response from DailySteals we filed a claim with Paypal. Within two days we got a shipping notice and a notice to drop our dispute despite our request to cancel the order. We then notified Paypal of this so they agreed to refund the charges against us from Dailysteals. We sent a message to DailySteals asking that they refund the charges again and they said they will only do what Paypal forces them to but they will not refund the shipping cost. They also informed us that they do not allow returns at all. Not to mention when the package did arrive it was damaged.

Basically they do not honor their policy of 6 day shipping and they are not willing to refund your money for any reason