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This is a needed item if you want to participate in the Halo Reach Beta that is going on now.


I take that as an INSULT! Who the hell is Nathan Fillion?..I'll be back...[GOOGLE]..[EDIT] Are you calling me a castle?


got it for 20 at my local Costco


@drchops: It's not an insult Castle is cool. And that Buck is a bad a$$


Nathan Fillion is a badass! he does voice overs in ODST, is currently in castle, and was in the epic series Firefly! I just played the Halo Reach beta last night, its pretty fun.


Just tryin' to help out...feel free to post that costco link man...$20 is a damn sight better than my $29 deal lol...


LOCAL CostCo...didn't notice that...I'm runnin on a couple hours of sleep, so my bad...


@niloc225: Beta is only until May 19th so truthfully it's a better rental than buying if you don't care about ODST's campaign and already have Halo 3 (for multiplayer.)


@jordanriane: I didn't say that it was a great game, just that it was needed for the Reach beta. But, if you are a Halo fan, you will already have it.