dealsprice & kensington 9 piece tea set for $17.99…


I love the saucers. Little kettles.


OMG, these are soooooooo cute. I wish I had a use for them.


If only it were red, I'd be all over this...

@Brutherford didn't mention it but it's available in Blue, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Cobalt Blue, and White


@cowboydann: You haven't heard? Bright orange is the new red. Oh wait! Maybe it's white... or blue. Yellow? Get ONE of them, this is a really neat set!


Four cups &
Four saucers &
One Pot &
One Lid =
Ten Pieces


@jprewitt: The teapot with lid is often considered one "piece."

I don't understand why you'd need the little pot-shaped tea caddies, if the set includes a teapot. Maybe just to provide the option, or for lemon slices?


Maybe I missed it, but where are these made?


@emilyb0902: A lot of people don't actually brew tea. They just use the tea pot for hot water and you use tea bags. The little tea pot saucers are for the used tea bags and a tea spoon.


Awww this is adorable. To bad I have a perfectly good tea set.

Debates accidentally dropping some pieces.


@sanchezaps: They didn't say.

Under the specs tab on the following which seems to be this set in white (found via a google search), it says China:

The brand seems to be owned by:


OMG was the person who designed these color blind?


The bright orange is perfect -- it's my wife's favorite color, and her birthday's next week.

But I'm getting a server error when I try to order! Why, woot, why?


Hooray, the server is happy again and so am I. Though I didn't spring for the expedited shipping... if they don't get here in time, I'll show her the link. She married a Wooter, so she knows the dangers. :)