dealspoems by emily dickinson, three series, complete…


I believe that this is always free in the Kindle store, and probably also on Project Gutenberg.


@jrrb: Yea, lets post every single free kindle book on Woot now...


Perfect! This will aid my aunt's descent into spinsterhood.


Many (not all) Emily Dickinson poems can be sung (with a bit of liberty as to the rhythm) to the tune of Yellow Rose of Texas and/or Gilligan's Island.


Amazon Description says this is public domain, so will always be "free" from one source or another.

Personally, I don't mind these sorts of things coming in sparingly as "deals," even if normally free. Particularly with public domain laws as confusing as they are, and with the quality free literature/film buried within an even greater wealth of junk in the public domain, some suggestions (particularly already formatted for platforms such as Kindle) should be encouraged.


@zontor: damn, I came here to say the same thing, have an upvote for beating me to it.


Kindle Popular Classics has 15,831 free ebooks along this line: