dealssennheiser hd201s around-ear hi-fi headphone for…


I've got a pair of these. If you're expecting overblown, flabby, Beats-esqe bass, you won't get them from these cans, but they are nice, fairly neutral-sounding headphones. I use them when I'm running sound at my church. They're reasonably well-constructed, too. Not amazing, but very solid for the price. I bought my pair at Guitar Center a couple of years ago, and they have held up very well. Normal going price is around $30, so this is a good deal.

The only downside is that the cord is permanently attached, and much longer than most people will ever need (something like 8') but I just keep a velcro cable tie on it and that works.


I also have a pair of these that I bought on sale.

As @zebthecalvinist said they're nothing to write home about, but if you just need a cheap pair of comfortable cans, these will do just fine.

I do have to agree that the cord is ridiculously long, but I'd much rather have that problem over too short.