dealsdomain registration + free .info domain. for $2.95


Good thing they are trying to do a promotion with all the (negative) publicity they received over the past week. That's a lot to overcome.
Looks like a good deal to me compared to other hosts/registrars.

vote-for12vote-against is offering up to three at $0.99 each with code Reg099ql. You must be a first timer with them...


DDoS attacks provided at no extra charge baybeee!


A lot of people used to hate godaddy because of their misogynistic commercials. I was still a customer then, but no longer. Considering the recent attacks, and godaddy's prior stance on SOPA, it's pretty clear these aren't the guys you want to do business with. Go for the deal on the front page instead. $.04 more expensive, but you don't have to deal with godaddy.


@sjcurtis: It wasn't a DDoS attack, but "the service outage was due to a series of internal network events that corrupted router data tables." I'm not sure was makes me feel more insecure; the fact the informed internet hates them, or that they are unstable internally.


@jcl945: The "internal network events" were the result of some kid compromising their system. They were hacked.


From what I hear, if you have a problem with your hosting, they nickel and dime you for every tiny thing you might need them to do. And if that weren't enough, the CEO of the company is an elephant killer:

Wouldn't touch 'em with a ten foot pole.


@sirtwitchalot: I wasn't actually making a claim to who or what was responsible. I was just quoting their CEO and found it ironic that they blamed the issue on something that is equally bad, which I believe makes their infrastructure appear unstable.


@wingedsurfgirl: They are. But that is the first year only. After that, they are $38 a year, which is ridiculous.



Parsons is no longer CEO; Warren Adelman is in that spot now, and has promised less tits and upsell - but I have yet to see anything come from that other than (yet another) commercial pointing fun at their past marketing. Still won't do business with them.


Yes, that is expensive, but I believe you can switch your domain name to another provider? I've never tried it, but I see it as an option. I signed up on the deal, because I've already been with, so couldn't take advantage of the deal. It's an alternate way if people are interested in avoiding GoDaddy, and have already used the deal. :)


Can I use this coupon code for GoDaddy to renew my domain?


Just tried it on a single year .com
Your Savings -$2.00
Total Discount 13%