dealsmalwarebytes anti-malware lifetime for $9.99


Weird, the other comment mentioning the price was >$20 was deleted.


@mbourgon: Someone probably tattled it, since they probably didn't read the deal description.


been using malwarebytes "free" version for ever. why buy it?


WAIT! I just saw the "Pro" version on the side bar: $15.99 for the Pro version + shipping. So is THIS DEAL the version without the commercial packaging/CD where they only send you the key?


So just to be completely clear (sorry), lifetime means I won't have to pay more money to renew it ever, right?


I just bought the Pro version for $9.99 on a different Woot deal. The Pro version has real-time protection; that's why you purchase a license.


I am pretty sure this is the "pro" version because on Malwarebytes' official website, they only list free, pro, and corporate versions. I snagged a copy through a few days ago here for $9.99 + free shipping:

Also, both descriptions read: "The Real-time Protection Module uses our advanced heuristic scanning technology which monitors your system to keep it safe and secure" which is a feature of the "pro" version.


have used the free version b4 and it worked great. I got this to "support good software" :)


Malwarebytes, Ad-aware, Spybot,and any AV were good 10-15 years ago. If, by now, you still need this money/bloatware scamming crap software on your pc then you need to educate yourself a little more.


One time I went to a funky website and got a trojan + malware via a javascript.
This software helped me get rid of it.


@l3p463jr: Get real. Malwarebytes is fantastic, so take your own advice and educate yourself a bit. I use this software practically on a daily basis, it's one of the best for a quick, thorough scan on a system where normal AV has failed to protect.


@l3p463jr: I agree with lombrosis. We've used Malware bytes in combination with Super AntiSpyware to clean machines that were not cleaned by McAfee or Trend Micro products.

Don't judge a book (or antimalware app) by it's cover (or name).

Also, you might want to check out Comodo. This one has a sandbox where you can test a potentially infected file in a semi-virtualized environment before you blow up your machine.


@l3p463jr: Are you joking? In my experience, Malwarebytes and Spybot are the two best free antimalwares. I use them all the time when cleaning family or friends' computers. Convenient because they are free and easy to install. They find and remove items that are on computers with subscriptions to "real" AVs such as Norton, McAfee, etc. In fact, I dont even run paid AV, I just have these two installed along with SUPERantispyware, a rootkit scanner, and windows AV all of which do not run actively. I only run them when needed, and Malwarebytes is ALWAYS the first one I try.


Malwarebytes is great. At my company we install it along with traditional AV and it has saved us many times. The pro version totally worth it to get the real-time scanning.


@l3p463jr: Going to jump on the you're a fool bandwagon. I have Malwarebytes on a thumb drive and when people come to me with a laptop full of viruses (I'm an IT kind of guy) I just plug in the thumb drive and clean the stuff up. With it being free and effective, all I have to worry about is updating definitions and it's golden.

I also picked up the pro from neweg.. Figured I've used the free enough why not pickup a pro version for the computer my kids use.


Looks like it's dead, shows $21.96 for me.


$14.97 with shipping. If they are simply sending you a code, then why does it take so long and why charge shipping?

This program is so great, and others here seem to agree with me on that, spend the extras $10 and buy directly from their website.

After all, it is a lifetime license and that extra $10 goes to keep the company solvent and keeping the program alive.


@bigcheeze: Pick as the seller which it will then be $9.99 but shows Usually ships within 1 to 3 weeks.

Is this only for just a single computer install or can you install on more than one?


For years I advised friends and family that there's no reason to pay for software to keep your computer safe. There were/are just so many good, free tools available.

But a couple of years ago when they were running their BF special I actually paid for a copy of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware Pro. And I'm very happy I did.

@zetabee: You are correct. I paid for the Pro version a few years ago and still enjoy a fully-updated version today and I haven't paid an additional penny.

@mgrkrug: As @tsfisch said, it's nice to support good software development. But in addition to the warm fuzzy feeling, the paid version comes with additional functionality that you don't get in the free version. Chief among these are automatic updates and real-time protection.

@l3p463jr: Wow. How do you protect your computer, with prayer?

FWIW, I haven't had a virus in YEARS.


I typically don't worry about ad/malware but I do like MalwareBytes so I'm in for a lifetime realtime version.


@anotherhiggins: Just a suspicion, but @l3p463jr COULD be running Linux. If that's the case, it's true that nothing's needed.


I thought it was 20+$ at first then I noticed that in the section where it shows the lowest price from other sellers it was 9.99. Still good!


Don't forget about @r00tz0r:'s comment about Newegg's sale. JIC the deal dies.