deals100 xbox live points for $.25 a quarter! for $0.25


What store is this at? The Dr. Pepper site does not mention any particular store.


Yeah, the Dr. Pepper site is weak. In doing a search online, there are community forums everywhere with everyone asking "where are the cups?' -- "Who are the participating retailers?"

So far, I am just finding mostly mostly random gas stations here and there around the country. But it is not conistent. One person says that they have them at their local Chevron, several others say not at theirs'. People have also stated Wendy's and 7-11 as well, but again, several others say not at theirs'.

Kind of a half-ass promo in my opinion on Dr. Peppers part.


Guess I'll hit a few gas stations tomorrow to see what's up.


What good does it do you to have 7 accounts? You'd need all the points on one account to do anything really productive...


if you can afford 7 accounts, then why do you need to cheat the system for a couple of free games?
Also, my local gas station has these cups, but only large sizees.


So if I want more than 10 codes on my one account all I need to do is wait till the next day?


@ellimist28: I think he means you can only do 10 per email on the Dr Pepper site but once the codes are emailed to you, you can load them all into the same XBL account.
So you need multiple email addys, not multiple XBLs.


that's a lot of effort for $1.25 worth of points.

fes fes

Damn really wish I knew where to get these.


He is right it's 10 per day per email address on Dr Pepper's website. I only have one Xbox live account and to me it is worth it to have 15,000 Xbox live points for a mere three hours of entering in codes. All for less than 40 bucks


What is the breakdown for 100 points normally? Like how much would 100 points cost? I have a 7-11 by me and a cup would be $.99. There is a gas station here that does deals for $.50 often but it's far away so I'm tryign to figure if this is even worth it to go out of my way.


Didn't find how to get codes via email. Also you should try entering codes on It should be a little easier than doing it with the controller.

Edit: codes on cup. 10 codes per email/xbox account per day.


I just checked like 10 stores around me and I couldn't find any and none of the workers knew anything about them.


I understand that parts of the country may not be pArticipating in this promo, however I would be willing to sell these cups for $.75 to anyone who want the points! I can either peel and send all the codes via email or I can actually mail you the cups! That is still 40% of of usual price for Xbox live points. And you can enter more than 10/day on your live account. I entered 50 last night. However you have to have more than 1 account.
Let me know if anyone is interested and I'll get in touch on how to do the deal


@shaggy737: Hey shaggy Id be interested in 10-20 codes. Anyone to send private messages on here?


Email me kawillburn1(at) me(dot)com


@shaggy737: Any idea what places are good to check?


Hey shaggy737 I'm interest in about 40 or so codes. I can't seem to find any codes in the Toledo Ohio area


Shaggy do you have any more codes left? If you do, I'd live to buy some