deals4gb bacon usb flash drive for $14.95


Sorry Deal.woot members - this item is currently unavailable - my error!


If it looked more realistic I would have been sold. Unfortunately, it lacks realism.


Everywhere I could find it online it was currently backordered - again my fault, I wooted this deal too quickly..


alright, I found it in stock at this site only :

The bad news is they want 24.95 +4.99 shipping. Quite steep even for Bacon I think.


@mfladd: Sounds like Leakfrogs. Once they quit making something, everyone just marks it as backordered, when what it really is, is just gone. Everyone please bend your head for a moment of silence for the unsung and unloved, Bacon USB Flash Drive.

Okay, that's over. Here's another religious moment, from over on the Fresh Tab: