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$5 per item shipping.
It tried to charge me sales tax before I even entered where I lived. I suppose this might fix itself if I create an account on their site.
They have popups when you visit their site
No returns unless DOA
Used to be $1 cheaper 2 months ago
Couldn't find any ratings for the site anywhere. No news might be good news?


Be aware - this is a refurb!


Not a great price. I have 2 of these for bedroom and living room setups. I don't run the standard setup with running ONLY a Windows7 PC hooked up via HDMI to the 50" display. I use Media Center for all movie playback,tv,pics,vids,etc. These remotes work great for the basic setup. Much better than standard cheap Media PC remotes that come with TV tuners. However if you have more than just a single device hooked up to your TV I would recommend their next step up which allows much better programing to jump between modes like watching TV or playing a bluray. These cheap remotes are good but you can almost find them new for this price. If you have a real basic setup then these are good remotes to combine functions all onto one device. There is only one " activity " that can be programed unlike Harmony 650,700,900 or One.


@eno45: If you can find a better price for this new or refurbed, please post it, I would love this remote new or refurned for ~$20. It looks like the going rate for this as a refurb is $30+ and new is $40-$60.


@sailorspork: Exactly. I've been waiting for Meritline to get some of these back in stock, but I've been waiting a while. I've never used this place before, but I'm hoping they're decent to work with. I didn't like that add-on for shipping, but it's still about the same I would have paid at ML with the free shipping, so it works out.


This is a great price for this remote- I swear by these Harmony remotes. The problem with the 300 is that it only runs 1 activity. For people with a fairly simple set-up this may be fine. I have mediacenters, and separate bluray players, and also a plain TV activity- so I use 3 activities on a regular basis- I have the Harmony 600 it has at least 4 programmable activities. An activity, for example "Watch TV," is just a sequence of commands the remote sends ("turn on devices x, y, z; switch input on x") combined with particular button associations and screen layouts (Volume keys control the AV receiver, Channel +/- keys control the cable box, etc.). I love these remotes!


@gak0090: I have two of these in use and both are programed for the maximum four devices. You can choose with button you want to control which device. You can program each device with the defaults and you can custom label buttons. I love mine!


@2cheap: You can program them for 4 devices, but they can only run 1 activity.
You cannot program multiple activities on the Harmony 300. This is a one activity device.

Basically on my Harmony 600 "MY TV" activity runs a macros that turns on the TV, the receiver, and the volume controlled by receiver and other button functions mapped to the remote controlling the TV- when I switch to "watch movie activity" it will also turn on the mediacenter and remap the keys to be like a mediacenter remote. If I then switch to "watch DVD" activity, it will turn off the mediacenter, turn on the bluray and remap the keys to control bluray functions. Basically the activities are programmable macros executions. The Harmony 300 only has 1 of these "activities".