dealsninja throwing star coat hook for $9.99 + freeā€¦


Site says this is just a shuriken shoved into a wall. I wonder how you get it pounded in without hammering down the sharp point of the other side?

As a side note, everybody knows ninjas don't take off their hoods, ever.


@amalmer71: care to elaborate? Like, either what is not as it seems or, how it is not as it seems. Or both.


Look at the third image. The fifth "spike" is actually a screw. It just threads into the wall.


@rbmcmjr: Ah! thanks! Guess that's what I get for relying on just the text and not looking at all of the pictures.


It's all happy fun time, until you recall the bathroom scene in "Very Bad Things." =X


That's cool, but not worth $9.99 per hook. That's way to much. I thought you would at least get a set of two.


I think I'll just buy some real ninja stars and use them as coat hangers...that way when I grab my coat to go to work as an undercover ninja, I won't forget to take my ninja stars with me.