dealsharry potter books 1-7 boxed sets hardcover: $87…


If you haven't read every single one of these, something is wrong with you.


Price for hardcover listed is 109.97
You can buy the same thing at for $99, plus $2.95 shipping.


@kilandra: If you look above you in the BIG area under the title @heymo wrote:

"PLEASE read:

- Use coupon code BCSRC20 at checkout .
- Price before coupon is $109.97 for hardcover, $43.46 for paperback
- The coupon code gives you 20% other stuff at the scholastic store, so check it out.
- When you check out, be sure to select "standard" shipping if you want it shipped free."

So yes the cost is 109.97, but if you had read his information you would have known that the fantastic coupon code drops it to a terrific price with the ability to also get free shipping.


Just ordered the set of soft cover. I have the boxed set of hardback already, but having the soft cover will allow the family to read the books without destroying the hardbacks, which are first editions. Great buy!


@heymo: Great deal, I ordered a set. Thanks!


@faughtey: Thanks! Always nice to get props from the pros.


@sleepy35758: @sleepy35758: I have not read a single one. Nor have I seen the movies. What is wrong with me?!?! ;)


@soontekoh34: You are everything wrong with this world.


count me in for a paperback set, nice find


On an unrelated note are the first editions worth anything? I feel like a geek but I have the sorcerers stone from when I was in 6th grade!


@phizzo: With a USA edition... maybe. It is affected by what title it runs as "Philosopher's Stone" or "Sorcerer's Stone", that it's hardcover, and if it is signed by Rowling.

Rarity is key. For example, at a time when Rowlings was relatively unknown, the first printings Philosopher's Stone (the UK edition) only had 500 copies.)

Due to all the secrecy, I do not believe HP ever had advanced reader copies (ones that generally go to bookstores as freebies for those who work there in order to promote the book). I could be wrong though.

If you want a little more info, try checking out here for at least a starting point:


Thanks! I've had this on my Amazon wish list for quite a while, but its better to save almost $30!


I flipped my house upside down looking for my HP books to no avail.. some are lent out and what hardcovers I have left are tattered :-( I just ordered the paperback set.. cheaper than Amazon, marry me woot!


Super fast shipping. I got my books a couple days ago. Great deal, thanks again!