dealsultrafire wf 502b cree xml t6 3 mode cree led…


Lowest price I see is $15.05 + free shipping. Or you need over $25.
I have to say, though, that the xm-l T6 LED's are awesome. I've been using them and selling flashlights with them for some time now. I think the key to making these a good light is to use 18650 batteries. I've gotten around 3 hours run-time on mine(with one mode). I would like to have multiple modes, but I wish they would ditch the strobe/SOS modes and just stick to HI/Low. It doesn't hurt to be able to troubleshoot these flashlights. I always go through mine and test everything before selling. Sometimes switches are loose, lens is loose, contact points are painted and don't conduct properly, o-rings need a little grease, and I always put a little heat-sink compound in the threads on the LED drop-in.
I also have a 501b mounted on my AR with pressure switch.


Also, try Meritline. They have an awesome similar flashlight for 12.95 to 14.95 or so and sometimes less with coupon.


@hondaman88: It really was the lower price when I posted late last night. Tattle this out for some tattle credit ;-)


@rlapid2112: That's the problem with Amazon - the prices fluctuate depending on amount of interest/traffic so not on you at all.


@rlapid2112: lol, no no, not at all. I didn't know if it was due to location or what. As someone else mentioned though, Amazon must adjust prices based on traffic or something. Sucks that it can change quickly. I went to Amazon and almost bought one.
I don't know why, but I love me some flashlights.


@hondaman88: I definitely have an LED flashlight addiction. I own this one and it is mounted on my boom-stick. I am going to the range soon to see how well it holds up to range use.

Here is an article that makes a lot of sense concerning the Aurora shootings:

Specifically Section: Flashlight anyone?

I have one for daily carry and take it everywhere with me. It’s become another extension of me and has diffused at least two potentially violent confrontations in a non-lethal way. For most of you, the best bet is to buy a good tactical flashlight, there are plenty on the market.


At least 200+ lumens, waterproof, LED, and a 3-volt lithium battery. Use and carry your light with you at all times. I recommend the Surefire P2X Fury Dual Output LED… I would have pulled my high-lumens pocket flashlight and blinded this guy.