dealsthe king of queens: the complete series for $29.99


@brettmagnetic: I wouldn't be so quick to accuse them. First off, it's fulfilled by Amazon, meaning they give Amazon the items to be shipped. Second, the seller has a 4.9 start rating over the last 12 months out of 36,976 ratings. Third, $28.99 is a reasonable price given that the single seasons are selling at around $7.99 each on Amazon.

Most importantly, when you go to the Sony Pictures website (the owners of the rights to King of Queens) and search for King of Queens, click on the page that pops up for the show and click on "Own the complete series Buy Now" you are taken to the EXACT SAME page as the deal that @mkentosh posted. So, since the owners send you to the same deal page, I'm inclined to believe it is the real and authentic version you will purchase, should you decide to go with this deal.

Not bootlegged, just a great deal!


One of my fav. series of mindless comedy out there.


one of my favorite shows of all time. Would of been nice if this was the IPS truck set tho