dealsasus nexus 7 32gb (1st gen) for $114.99 + freeā€¦


not worth the $$$.

I have one, and it hasn't turned on for nearly a month, despite doing everything I was told. ASUS has refused to exchange for a working tablet, and has consistently stood in the way of giving any help towards fixing the situation. And of course google has been completely absent in the matter.

Spend a little more money on a trustworthy tablet.


I've got two and for the most part, the G1 model works albeit a bit slower than an iPad but for the money I think it's worth it. My only complaint is that the micro usb charger charges very slowly plus it's already very loose. Will need to replace the cable and it's less than 6 months of use.


I've got a 32GB 2012 Nexus 7. It's been over a year and so far I've had no hardware problems. I get an occasional bug report, but my guess is that is purely an Android issue. It isn't exactly the fastest tablet available, but when it came out it was an amazing deal for the hardware/price and at this price it's still a great deal for anyone who isn't a power user. Of course, if you're looking for more power you should be looking at the 2013 model anyway...


I have the 16GB 2012 version... 13.5 months old.

Had to RMA it last June because the Wi-Fi would barely connect, if it all. Tried multiple Wi-Fi spots.
RMA cost me $20.

Two weeks ago it started to only trickle charge (like 100-250mAh), would take 20+ hours to charge.
Tried lots of online and ASUS documented "fixes"... nothing worked. A friend has the 8GB version...his charger + cable doesn't charge mine any faster, and my charger/cable charges his fast.

Have factory reset it, put old OS on it, etc... no help.

This leads me to believe it's a tablet hardware issue... but since I'm out of warranty period... I'm stuck.
This is apparently a fairly common problem.


Won't buy again

Oh well....


I have a Nexus 7.....It has never been anything short of fully functional and worthwhile, and I have quite a few tablets (I am a junky). In fact, I just updated my today to Android 4.4 (Kit Kat)....I look forward to see what the enhancements are...


@souka: I bought mine from Staples and the guy gave me a heads up about the charging issue. It's as simple as opening your tablet up, and reconnecting the charger connector internally, and taping it down with some black duct tape. Although great tablets, they were put together in a sloppy manner. Try it, and see if that doesn't help. Evidently it's common for the connectors to come loose.


We've got three of these in our household and zero problems whatsoever. Not sure if others complaining are hard on theirs or just unlucky, but we've been nothing but pleased from day one. Thinking of picking up another "just because."


Ive been giving these out slowly to family members as gifts, and they all love them. have video skype calls all the time with them. All around great device. my only gripe is the missing video out (which the new version has).


We have two Gen 1 tablets and have had no problems at all with them. For heavy duty work we use a desk top or a lap top, but that's mostly because we prefer to use a keyboard for serious work.


@hmd27: Definitely a warranty breaking concept

Better deal is the factory refurbished Hisense Sero 7 Pro sold by Walmart which is also known as the Nexus Killer. Same quadcore processor but with HDMI port and microSD flash memory upgradeable and Blu-tooth. Browse the web with Chrome and get apps with full Googleplay support.


@russwjohns: 8GB vs.32GB....huge difference in internal memory since most Apps will not run from the microSD card. I have way more than 8GB of Apps on my tablet.


@morriea: True but apps can be stored internally and everything else can be loaded onto the microsd card. And the Sero accepts 64gb flash.

So spend $25 less for a Sero Pro or spend a lot more for the updated Nexus 7 HD which has shorter battery life due to the higher pixel count, but otherwise a nice unit since they added the HDMI port and camera.


@russwjohns: I have more than 8GB of Apps and the Chromecast is my method of bypassing the HDMI out on my devices. It is all about App storage for me so 8GB is not enough (never will be). Everything else can be taken on and off as needed.

Full disclosure, I no longer use this model. I do not even like 7" tablets nearly as much as the larger ones. I currently am playing around with Sony Xperia Z.


@russwjohns: Except that the Sero has a slower processor, a poor camera and is larger and heavier. However, the biggest stumbling block is that it ships with Android 4.2.1 (Early Jellybean). There is no indication that they will be upgraded further. All the Nexus tablets just got 4.4 KitKat (I just upgraded my version 1 yesterday).....and all the benefits there.