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I don't get what's with the downvotes. It works and you can combine it with loyal7792 to get 20% off as well. I finally bought the hover lace ups I've been stalking for months.


I guess people just don't like original Crocs. (neither do I, FTR.) But I wish we'd get more up/down votes based on the deal (or on the seller, when appropriate) and fewer votes based on "heh heh...those shoes are lame...heh heh."


Folks here downvote Crocs, Many of them are ugly, and they were a fad a few years ago. (the shoes, not the voters) so they are largely passe.
But my wife who is a shoe lover (400+) was shocked to hear that the cool synthetic canvas boat shoes she liked on me were Crocs. There are some cool Croc products.

I came to say that this was a ho-hum deal, But with the discount code scariestone posted it's not bad at all.


I bought a pair of flip flops that were posted on this site, I think they were 1/2 off. Excellent quality, and...they are actually good looking (who'da thought?). That said, I still won't wear the original Crocs.


The Flip Flops, once you own them, you'll likely never want anything else they're so comfortable. You can even run in them if you get the ones with the thicker soles. Yep.


they never give up, do they...


@scariestone: CROCS should be rebranded and called CRAPS


The Santa Cruz loafers are comfortable like crazy and seem to resist my sweaty feet stank better than most shoes I have owned. They are also durable for their cost and wear well.


If this deal hadn't come up and the positive comments posted, I'd have NEVER considered Crocs. Pleasantly surprised by the odd flipflops and Hover boat shoes. Thanks!


Does anyone have an idea of how to remove the round crocs logo like on the side of the Modi Flip? See here:,default,pd.html?cid=22Y&cgid=men-footwear-sandals

scariestone, thanks for the code!!


Yeah, down votes dont make sense. Everyone Ive known thats owned them has loved them. I own a pair of the ones with the strap around the back of your ankle, use them for when I do (profanity) in the water. Super comfy, and easy to clean. They look funny but who cares?


My downvote is due to their availability on items. The shoes I am interested in have been out of stock for 6 months on my size and that's simply unacceptable. Since this company can't manage their inventory, I have decided that I'll stop checking their site from now on. It's just a big waste of time.


@ronnysrv: I don't think it can be removed. You might consider the Duet Athens, Athens, or Prepair instead.


@philmayfield: You (profanity) in the water? :) In other words, you wear them when you are on the toilet? haha


@thefenst: I like the looks of the Modi Flip better except for that stupid croc logo. It makes them look like cheap kids sandals. I will probably paint it black or put a black sticker on it or something.


The fact that Crocs keeps posting their deals here must mean that advertising here has been profitable from them. So, downvote, upvote, who cares?


THANKS! Ordered two pairs. thanks for sharing


This gets downvoted by the same people who downvote the Travelzoo items. By people who've never tried the product or are completely oblivious to what it's offering. I've used Travelzoo and love it. I'm getting a pair of Crocs now because of the positive reviews...despite the downvotes! Suck it trolls!!


My issue is that this is not really a deal, it has nothing to do with Crocs itself (although I'm sure many of the downvotes are simply Croc related). Without the help of the additional discount code posted in the comments, the prices here are equal or higher than most other shoe retailers we savvy wooters shop at. You can purchase the shoes offered here often for cheaper on other sites and get free shipping there as well as a standard practice.