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Quite possibly two of the best games ever made. Even though it's a bit dated at this point, this is well worth it if you haven't played either Portal or Half Life.

I have my fingers crossed that Valve will finally get around to releasing the next Half Life installment.


Team Fortress 2 is a free game on Steam and it is awesome. The rest of the pack is dated.


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Worked for me. $3.99 for this bundle.


Worth it for Portal alone


I actually got to pay for my illegal copy of Portal! Great Deal .... Thanks! Also thanks to bigcat78 for saving me a $1 ... the code worked on what I think was/is an already ridiculous price! "Games are only Dated if you been playing them .... haven't gamed in 5/6 years since BF2042.


Portal 2 is also on sale, and you wouldn't want to miss that either.


@cheddercheese: I should, it would only be $3.99 with bigcat78 20% off CODE: GFDMAY20 and would make me legal on that copy as well, but Baby steps for now. }:-)


@squatchy: I agree. I also think it is worth it for Half Life alone.

Half Life is a classic FPS.


All this does is remind me there will never be a Valve game with "3" in the title.


@crab: Typical fanboy talk

these games are way overrated


@globalhavoc: Overrated? Maybe. They're still really good games, though, and certainly worth five bucks if you don't already have them.


@globalhavoc: Half-life 2 is the all-time #1 rated game, tied with The Orange Box and Half-life, on metacritic with scores of 96/100. Saying it's "typical fanboy talk" only makes sense if you're criticizing something for which there is a roughly equal split. 220 positive comments vs. 3 negative ones (by users) means we've reached a point of consensus way beyond basically any other topic in society.

But, as they say, haters gonna hate.


Just an FYI. You do need Steam for this. Gamefly is kind of weird. Bought Tropico 4 and SimCity 4 last week on sale, and they downloaded through the Gamefly client. Bought the orange box yesterday, and opened the client, only to see I had to copy the code over to my Steam Client to activate and download the game.

Cool thing is that the orange box is now in my Steam library. If you want to let steam download all the games in the bundle is around 38 GB.


This is $20 on steam and this activates on steam so it is a great sale, plus I'm a have been a gamefly member for a while so I get a 5% discount on top of this sale. Thank you OP