dealssunbeam recharable heat to go back wrap…


@pricefalls: When I go to your site and click on shipping details, the text says there is free standard shipping. But when I place the item in a shopping cart, there's a shipping charge of $4.95.

Which is it -- free? or $4.95


@magic cave: Thank you for locating these details. The account was originally set for free shipping, but this particular product does have a $4.95 shipping cost. We have since updated the information and would be glad to offer you a coupon for free shipping. If you would like to receive this coupon please contact our support team at 866-503-9799.

Pricefalls Support


@pricefalls: Thank you very much for the kind offer of free shipping, but I was at moment only price comparing and am not yet ready to make a purchase. (You do have the best price I could find, however, even with the shipping charge.)

Like other Wootizens, I very much appreciate your quick response and explanation!