dealsadam levine electric guitar pack for $65.00…


Can't seem to find any reviews of this, though other First Act Guitars in the ~$120 range seem to get some really nice reviews (even adjusting for cost).


Do yourself a favor. Go on craigslist and look for a local epiphone LP or SG model in the $125-250 range. Its a little more $$$ but in the end you won' be frustrated with it going out of tune in 20 minutes and if you decide you don't want a guitar, it will hold its value better.


Isn't Adam Levine known for being a singer and not really for playing guitar? How good of a guitar could this be?

I think I'll hold out for a Ringo Starr model...


@bdutton: This!

You know it can't be good when they don't even tell you what the body is made of. Probably plywood.