dealselder scrolls v: skyrim (pc, ps3, 360) for $34.99…


Thanks for posting, been waiting for it to get down around 30. Trigger pulled.


@statictrance: HAHA!!! I literally can't stop laughing.


I was a big fan of skyrim, but then I took an arrow to the knee...


This also allows you to download and play from Steam. At nearly half the price of downloading it alone, this is an awesome deal.


@avenger885: But still sixty bucks for the PC? Phooey. I have a Wallyworld gift card I've been saving for when they finally drop the price on this game to something reasonable.


Pulled the trigger, should arrive just in time for Father's Day. I'll be in the skooma den all weekend


What's with upvoting statictrance's joke, but downvoting me laughing at the joke?

Weird. Anyway, picked up a copy. It is a good deal.


PC version is sold out. Oh well. Maybe it will be $35 again around Christmas.


I'll be that guy: Gonna wait for the inevitable game of the year package with all the DLC in a few years.


PC isn't sold out but most people that have waited this long wil wait for the Game of the Year edition. As for the PC, be sure yours can handle it, the mods and texture packs. It takes a good GPU.


Bargain. Wave goodbye to your life.


Same...waiting on GOTY edition


GOTY editions tend to be for games with numerous downloadable content. This title has precisely zero of those, with one in the works.
Not looking like you'll save much waiting on a GOTY edition other than having bug fixes already implemented.

Not only that, but Bethesda has a pretty unfortunate tradition for putting in new bugs for GOTY versions only to never bug fix the things again because it's the final release and they're done with it. Oblivian GOTY was utterly riddled. Remember the Vampire quest? The only way to fix it was to get your hands on an original version. Complete it with that and then continue with the GOTY version. Nyeh.