dealsblame it on my a.d.d. tshirt starting at $9.99…


I would get this shirt but I just remembered seeing another similarly themed shirt AD/HD but resembling the AC/DC band logo at Tanga, and I'm going to go look for that, but oh I just heard the delivery truck or the mail man drive by, ooh I wonder if it's my last kids.woot purchase for my nephew, this cute little little tikes video camera for only $34.99 or that 16GB spy pen I ordered from hmm I forget? where did I get that? or is that zombie xbox game I got for only $9.99 at Newegg, wow nope it's not the mail man today's a holiday no mail :( Wow there's alot of leaves out there I wonder if I should blow them all into the road or just shred them with the mower, hmm I'm kinda hungry oh wait I put a frozen Kashi pizza in, so THAT's what that beep was 30 mins ago, rats, hmm what am I gonna eat now? I better just plan on an early dinner, I think I'll text my GF to see if she wants me to grab some Thai takeout, oh wait there's a new text from my sis re her hub he just went AWOL & they are in


in the middle of a nasty divorce, OMG he quit his job too, wow her attorney just had to put in a spousal support order for 5K a month, but what if he doesn't pay her that seems like a lot but then again he's in sales and clears over 100K a year err or he used to... I remember him joking about if he ever left her he'd just mover to Texas to start over where they don't go after delinquent ex-husbands and deadbeat dad's, hmm is that true? Maybe I should google/wiki that? Yikes what if that's true, should I tell my sis or would that worry her too much so close to the holidays? hmm I wonder what she's gonna buy me this year? I better not buy her anything too expensive, though I think she could really use a roomba but I wonder if she would even use it if I got it for her? now what was I buying here??? Oh well it prolly wasn't that important to me if I can't remember... Yup BLAME IT ON MY ADD :)


I love ADD is trivialized so much. Where's the "Blame My Epilepsy" shirt? Or the "Blame My Quadriplegia" shirt? That's because people actually take those conditions seriously.


@mfranko88 I agree and trust me at our house it is taken seriously cuz everyday is interesting to say the least. But, that said, if we can't laugh at ourselves....why take life so seriously!? Humor is one of mine and my 2 ADD kids best attributes.


It's also a nice 100% true built-in excuse. Though I say that, if I didn't have it maybe I wouldn't have anything to excuse...


What was I going to do here?