dealskeurig elite coffee brewer for $76.99 + freeā€¦


In for one. My wife has been looking for a good deal on one of these.


Great price on a great unit.


You can get the B60 with 36 starter cups, water filters, and the 'use your own coffee' insert at Sams Club for $129. The add ons alone are worth $60, and you're getting the B60 model which has temperature control, timer settings, etc.

This deal is a good price, but for the value I think the one at Sams is better. The B60 alone at Target is $189...

EDIT: According to their website its 36 K cups and doesn't mention the filters. However, the one we saw in the store this weekend did.


I like to get my K-Cups during the 30% off sales. I had to go up to 8 units of Dark Magic to get free ship. It worked out to $10.49 a package (Walmart has them for $10.98, Target for $10.99).


I was an early adopter in the Keurig craze, and I have a word of caution: If you use a Keurig brand machine more than once a day, it will likely die on you within a couple of years (probably sooner).

After multiple machines, and hours wasted on youtube trying to learn how to fix them, I have given up. My only hope is Mr. Coffee--I see that they are making these now, too. Perhaps they will be more reliable.


@cntrysngr72: Here's a link to the Keurig B60 Special Edition Coffee Brewer at Kohl's. It's $104.99 after taking 30% off. It comes with 24 fewer K-cups than Sam's Club, but costs $25 fewer dollars. I think I'd opt for the dollars. Especially considering the $20 Kohl's Cash that purchase would get.

But, ultimately, if I had to replace my B44, I'd probably go with the same or the B40. Single-button simplicity makes sense to me in a single-cup brewer.


@foonatic: Mine must be made of unicorn tears. I've had mine for over 3 years and nary a problem. I do use filtered water so that may help a bit.


I am a big Keurig fan, but there does appear to be varying reliability. My first unit lasted over 2 years before quitting. The 2nd one lasted about 6 months. I am on the 3rd one now, and it has lasted over a year.

They have great customer service though - Each time I called them, they shipped me a new unit at no charge, even out of warranty. I think it's because they make most of their profit on the K-cup sales.


I bought this model a couple of years ago. Its been running great and my wife and I use it on a daily basis.


@druke: "Single-button simplicity makes sense to me in a single-cup brewer."

I only hit one button on my B60's ;-)
Even bleary eye'd at 6am the small, med, & large buttons aren't too big a challenge to figure out....not compared to how much half & half to add to match whatever mid to strong coffee blend.


Check through Amazon's site, and look up the discussion, "tastes like plastic"...Keurig has major problems with a leaching plastic taste from their is evidenced by the number of complaints.
I for one have tried to correct this to no avail..the company sent another unit, same results..if you buy one, keep the receipt...and be forewarned.


@cntrysngr72: I would defiantly go with your pick over this one. I purchased this on for my wife but we now wish we had got the one with a timer.


@imgumbo I had the plastic taste so I just ran the rinse cycle on mine a few times and it went away.

EDIT: great deal. If I didn't already have two I'd be in for one!


@hgtstr: the Ekobrew are definitely my favorite refills. They fit right into the Keruig with no problem.

The "official" Keruig reusable filter requires removal of the standard K-Cup holder and replacing it with one without the needle in the bottom. The Ekobrew fits over the needle.


I doubt a Woot offered refurb single cup for ~$40 during the last woot-off. I haven't taken it out of the box yet as I have a Platinum Keurig I bought at Costco, that came with 60 k-cups, my k-cup replacement, and ability to brew 5 sizes.

I just wish there were more varieties of teas available. I'm not much of a coffee drinker.


LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ours! We got our first one a few months ago. We spent the extra money on getting the top of the line and it's been well-worth the money! We use both the k-cups and the reusable filter. If you keep an eye out, you can get really good deals on the k-cups and there are a ton of different flavors available. It can get quite expensive in the beginning until you find all the flavors you like!


Have nothing but great things to say about this machine and its big brother. My friend has said one of her Keurig machines at work stopped working and the people at Keurig sent her a new model with no questions asked. I've had a B60 at work now for a year and a half, zero complaints. This is a phenomenal price but do you have to be a Kohl's credit card holder in order to get the 30 percent off?


In my office we use a Keurig machine for coffee as part of our water club. The last B60 unit made it nearly two years making 8-10 cups of coffee per work day. It eventually sprung a leak internally, one of the guys fixed it and took it home. We split the cost of a new one, and it's been going 3 months now with no issues.


@bubbawheat: I guess what I'm getting at is that I appreciate the machine having only just the cup buttons. There is no lcd offering features that I'll never use, except for maybe Set Clock when the power goes out.

But if someone needs those features, as @jmattoon says he does, then the B60 is the way to go.

That's the big difference between these two machines for someone to know, if they don't already, when considering a purchase. The B40 has no features to speak of: turn the machine on, machine heats up in minute or so, press cup brew button, cup brews, press the cup button again for another cup or turn off the machine. That's the whole story.

Another difference between the machines is cup size. According to the Keurig website:
B40 - Choice of 2 cup sizes (8 oz. and 10 oz.)
B60 - Choice of 3 cup sizes (6 oz., 8 oz. and 10 oz.)

My B44 does 6 oz. and 8 oz., and I generally only make Eights. Six is pretty small, but if you need it as strong as possible, that may be your only option.


Nope... call me not a fan.

It hoovers up WAY too much "disposable" income.

When you consider that you are using little disposable cups of coffee, you need to do the math on what a pound of coffee may cost you.

A recent article critical of these type of single use coffee makers stated that if you are not very careful, the coffee could run you the equivilent of $50.00 per pound.

Consider this alternative:

Having done that math a while ago, we purchased a Delonghi Magnifica.

It burr grinds the beans fresh, and makes expresso, cappuchino and a great americano.

Also accepts pre-ground as well.

Sure, the initial cost is higher (and we bought used on craigslist), but overall cost is lower, and the coffee is significantly better.


@zebraitis: The cheapest Delonghi Magnifica I could find was $720... Given that you can use a reusable filter in the Keurig (and use cheaper coffee) I don't think your item is really a good substitute.


Imagine that! The day Green Mountain Coffee Roasters (Keurig) announces their new Vue (new style cup, not KCup) this goes on sale! lol


Costco has the Platinum system with 60 k-cups and reusable filter for $159. It was on sale last week for $10 cheaper and i missed out. Gonna go get one tomorrow anyway.


@mortar - I bought mine for about $250.00 (model EAM3400)

Here's a vid of what it does:

I knew what I wanted, and waited for the right deal.

That may not work for others... likely that is why they call it disposable income.

Still, I don't have to drink coffee that is stale and tastes like plastic.


Re: Keurig's new VUE system [not K-cups]
There used to be this really nice pancake restaurant on Madeira beach near Tampa, FL. They did great business and it was a great place. One year we went down and couldn't find the place. Where I thought it was there was a building being built. I stopped and asked one of the guys working there and he was the son of the owner.

Things were going so well with the pancake house they decided to tear it down and make a steak house. :/

It failed.

Just sayin'.


Watch Bed Bath and Beyond for K-cups to go on sale.

They carry lots of the season flavors. When the season passes on something or their sales are low they drop as low as $6 for an 18 pack.


We have a B60 at the house, totally a convenience thing for us. The wife drinks coffee in the mornings sometimes but never more then one cup in a sitting, usually just filling up a travel mug and drinking it on the way to work. I mostly use it to heat up water for tea, It works for us.

Have had it for over a year and have yet to experience the "plastic taste" others have spoken about.


@gummydad: I got this one instead:

Too many reliability issues with Keurig brand, I love Cuisinart products for my other kitchen appliances. And it has a 3-year warranty vs. the 1-year of Keurig (whether they choose or continue to honor it longer than 1 year or not). This one is basically the same options as the Platinum Plus, and includes 6 filters and 54 k-cups with the Costco bundle. I love it. Happy decision-making!


ok, what's the deal with these "deals". Am I the only one they NEVER work for? I just happened to be in the market for one of these Keurig coffee makers, so imagine my excitement when I saw I could get one at this price. I went out to the Kohl's site, added the HEART30 code, and it worked - but when I tried to add the SMS2019 code, I received a message that this code was an exclusive offer that could not be used with the code I had already entered? What's up with that?? I run into that ALOT with these great, fantastic offers... Here's a tip - they're not so great if they don't work... Who me? Bitter? NAH...!


ok, my bad on that last comment. I suppose I should read these a little closer...and probably not at work in between tasks...before I pass judgement. I see now you only need one promo code to get to the $76.99 price. So, just ignore me...or feel free to berate me and call me names. Sorry!


I used this deal, and it arrived today. Given that the same unit was around $99 around Black Friday, I figured it was time to take the plunge. So far, I like it! Thanks for the tips to look around at BB&B for discount K-cups and such.