dealsstar wars beach towel for $20.00


Heh, the "Oliver" under Darth Vader and Boba Fett really kills it for me. Also, is that supposed to be a light saber in Vader's right hand or a laser shooting out of a ring? Maybe it's the Schwartz.

May the Schwartz be with you all.


The Star Wars fan in me can't handle this towel & would be ashamed if my kid owned one. For the casual fan, I guess it's ok.

I kept looking at the gunnery tower trying to figure out what kind of ship it was since it's placed between the X-Wing & TIE Fighters which didn't see aerial combat in any Hoth scenes.

One good thing: At least it has no references to Episodes 1-3.


@chudleyone: I think it's just a collage of star wars imagery, unless I'm having trouble recalling the scene in which darth vader and boba fett grew 5 times the size of the mountains on hoth.


Looks like Vader and Fett are posing for prom photos. Who's the boy and who's the girl?


@squirrelhunter70: I think that's in the Special Edition. Or it will be.



The drawing technique of the lightsaber in Vader's hand is obviously a reference to the original Star Wars poster as drawn by the Brothers Hildebrandt. see:

And the "Oliver" at the bottom of the towel is an example of how you can choose any name to be printed there, as per the page if you actually followed the link.

Also, to everyone hating on the style: I think it's rad. It reminds me EXACTLY of the original Star Wars merchandise. It was all (profanity) and stupid looking, but everyone thought it was the greatest.


This is a fabric design from 1980! I had this on my bed sheets and curtains! :o)