dealsdell latitude d630 14.1" laptop for $189.99…


It may be old but its even got Windows 7 and 2GB of ram, only thing I can see lacking is the 80GB HD and I have a feeling it might be IDE.


Having on, albeit an upgraded model, they are not bad. Mine has a dual core 2.0 4gb of ram and a 160gb hdd stock (replaced with a 500). Great lappy I would say, the hard drive is not IDE, so no worries there. They hold up nice though, but that does come with a weight as well. Had mine for 5 years with little issues, for the price, it would be nice for kids/a web-surfing machine


That's likely a better processor than the super crappy Celeron processor, which is really a severely gimped Core i3, they put in low end models today.


The job I had in '07, we bought a lot of D630s; they're build is really good, and these specs are still plenty good enough for someone looking for a "mom wants to browse the internet" machine. I believe these machines can also go to 8GB RAM, and are SATA drives, so an additional ~$200 SSD+RAM investment would make this quite a fast little browser.

I will note, though, that these D630s tended to have an occasional faulty wireless card issue that deceptively manifested itself as a motherboard issue. (so Dell techs would swap motherboards, and leave the wireless card, thus not fixing the issue)

That being said, if you're looking at this for the "mom" purpose, it's really competing with Chromebooks right now.


I have this exact laptop. I've upgraded the RAM and the hard drive (hybrid) and it is a very decent little laptop. The case is awesome and parts are readily available.


@jwires: IDE? Seriously? This isn't 2002. I don't think any post-Netburst northbridge even had a PATA controller on it.

Decent deal for a workhorse though the battery might be trash by now. Parts are plentiful though, and the trackpoint more than makes up for the average trackpad.