dealsmillbury table for $59.99


Would be a good deal, except for the $50 surcharge for shipping (in very fine print)


Nice looking table
But with shipping total is $120.48


@xdjerock: shipping costs for totals over $75 is supposed to be free according to what I read on the site. - went back & looked & see what you mean. Overall still a huge cost cut, just smaller than it would be. All in all still a good deal as that surcharge applies whether full price or at this price. At full price your total would me more like $360


From the Shopko site...

"Offer available online only. Gift cards not included. Items purchased from some categories are subject to shipping surcharges. Surcharges may apply due to size, weight or special handling required. If your item has a surcharge, it will appear on the product page. Offer valid for orders shipping within the 48 contiguous United States only and does not include 1-day or 2-day shipping and handling charges or previous orders."

So yes, shipping is free for orders over $75... except that it's not.


$50 shipping surcharge...Sneaky little buggers...

Still it's a pretty good deal.


I am so sick of companies charging a handling fee. Just put it into the cost.

On the other hand, I have a great idea for a yard sale.

Customer: How much is this lamp?

Me: $1.

Customer: That's a bargain. I'll buy it!

Me: Thanks! That's $51.00.


@cmonkep: "If your item has a surcharge, it will appear on the product page."

It really is there, in a white font on a white background.


I live a mile from Shopko in the UP. I can pick it up for you, free to store shipping, and you can pick it up from my house and bring me beer