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Are these the real ones based on the movies or are they the knock-offs that Tolkien guy wrote?


@cyberpenguin: Judging from the cover I sure hope its the ones based on the movies.


I just started reading these, and be aware there are a couple box sets. One is small, fat books with tiny text and the others are decent sized books with decent sized text. I have these from (B&N link) and they are the "decent size" (not large print, I'm not old, just not tiny bible font).

After looking at the site these look like the small ones.


Thar be idiots among us!!!!


I was wondering about a kindle edition and found this:

It doesn't have the Hobbit, but that ebook's been on sale a few times recently with the movie coming out and probably will be again. Not implying that this ebook is any better value or anything, I just like having ebooks because I'm one of those technology people.


Beware the Amazon Reviews before jumping into the buy!


For this price, you probably can't go wrong. I have to say though, I recommend getting the 50th Anniversary one volume edition of LOTR, it's how they were meant to be. You would need to get The Hobbit separately then. If any of you are thinking about this, and haven't read the series, DO IT! Seriously the best books I've ever read.


@cyberpenguin: It looks Tolkien added a bunch of stuff that was never in the movies. Is that stuff considered canon, or is it more sort of "extended universe"?

By the way, I finally saw the movies last week. Nobody warned me that they totally ripped off Star Wars.


First 3 reviews are 1 stars. First one says the language is FUBARed and messes up the meaning of sentences, with examples (below), the second says the book quality is crap and they fell apart on the person. I'll be skipping this bargain buy.

First Review: "Everyone knows the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings are wonderful stories, and I fully agree. The reason for my bad rating of this PARTICULAR edition of JRR Tolkien's works is that the books are riddled with typographical errors, some so severe that they change the meaning of sentences, effectively reversing the author's intent. One example: "The Breelanders locked their doors at night, which was also not unusual in the Shire." The word "unusual" should have been "usual"--i.e., the Shire Hobbits don't usually lock their doors at night. But exactly the opposite idea is conveyed by this typographical error! And there are many more errors where that one came from. I counted THREE errors on ONE PAGE! AVOID THIS EDITION at all costs!"