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Was thinking about getting one of theres until i saw the screen on my new nexus 7... no comparison. will waitl till fhd version comes out


@alfredenigma: lol...there is not much better screen resolution on any 10" tablet than this. Are you really waiting for them to LOWER the resolution to FHD before you buy one?

FHD 1920x1080

Nexus 7 1920 x 1200

This 2560x1600

Yes, larger screen, but there is no eye on the planet that will be able to notice at the pixel density on this. How in the world can you say "no comparison"? You are WAY off base.


wow this is new? I am very interested in Android and look at youtube.
whether the product like this video:
maybe one day I'll need it


These are going to be selling for a nice price now because the new Nexus 10, made by Asus, is coming out sometime in the next 2 months. This is still a great buy, a great tablet.


I have one of these and it's great, especially running 4.3, and in no fucking way am I tempted to upgrade unless the Asus-made N10 comes in at some ridiculously low price point... which isn't going to happen. Plus I have seen the issues the original N7 had. I had one myself and sent it back after screen issues to wait out the N10. It kind of scared me away from Asus-made products when there is a heavy demand to pump them out.


@morriea: New nexus 7 which im referring to has a ppi of 323 while the 10 is at 300 obviously you havenever seen these two tablets side by side. The New 7 screen looks way better then the ten. In person


I've had this monster for about nine months now. Resolution is top notch. The only problem I have is that it's actually too big - holding and typing on the thing are a bit goofy, and I'm not a small man. Keep that in mind.


@alfredenigma: Not only have I seen them side by side, I have both. Maybe you are confused as to the definition of the word "obviously". I know exactly to which one you refer as seen in my answer to your comment. It is at a pixel density that cannot be distinguished by the human eye. There is no way that it is "way better". The two are both VERY high pixel density. You were "waiting till FHD version" came out in your comment - the Nexus 10 is way beyond that. In fact, before the release of the 7, it was the highest definition of any screen on the market for a tablet. You are posting comments what are not based in fact.


@morriea: How its it not based in fact? The nexus 7 pixel density is higher then the 10 Fact! and there is a noticeable difference. mabye not so much fact as some people are older.. and have lesser eye sight.. dont blame your eyes on there not being a difference when there is a factual difference in the screen quality.

Thanks for coming on the factor!