deals50 bucks off ps3+free game, free game with xbox…


Where's the $50 off? These are normal prices, not even sale ones. Also, I've seen the games for $20 all over the place now. No thanks.


@spyder69696969: on top of the page "Console and game must be added to cart, discount applied in cart"

If you can get the games for 20 bucks that's still 20 more than they are here


Guys...have purchased 2 XBOX and 1 PS3 in the last 3-1/2 months...they've all failed and all you get is the run around from the store...add a few bucks and get one onf the $249 deals at Target...skip anything "Gamsepot Refurbished"


@undrpsi: It must be your bad luck then...Not only working at GS as a hobby job, I also buy most of my systems as refurbished. We rarely get people coming back with a refurbished being defective. Now the used systems, (there is a difference) come in from time to time, mostly the PS2s.

But on the same note, I also try to lean people towards a refurbished 360Slim model. I have been threw many older 360s, 2 brand new, and 2 used. DAM you Microsoft!


@undrpsi: It's not a why are you posting this?


just had my first ps3 rlod last night. Headed out to gamestop and bought a new 160gb slim system for $199, will sell the free game (arkham city) for $30 on ebay. Bummer to have to blow money on a new system, but getting in at around $180 after tax isn't too bad considering what I have invested in games at this point.