dealshamilton beach 4-quart oval slow cooker for $10.99


Just so people are aware, this model does not have a locking/secure lid. Still a good price, but if that feature is important to you, move along elsewhere.


I own this model. It's heat output is very underwhelming compared to our other crock pots. On the 'low' setting, pretty much nothing gets cooked within a recipe's given cook times. The 'high' setting isn't much better. So either plan on much longer cook times, or cook everything on high and just keep an eye on it.


I own this model as well. It works for me, but it's as basic as it gets. No locking lid, auto shut-off, etc. Just 3 settings: keep warm, low and high. If you're single and looking for a basic one, this will work. I don't recommend it for more than 1-2 people. Cooking time can be funny sometimes too as mentioned above.


I also own this model; This is good if you plan on using this rarely, or if you want an extra for football season, or parties. I complaint is mine has no light to tell you it's on....putting it on warm/low takes a loooong time.

I'd recommend it, especially for the price, as I believe thats what I paid roughly almost 2 years ago, but if you're going to use it often, I'd suggest a better unit with a digital timer/temp control