dealsgarnier fall fight shampoo and conditioner for $0…


They want an e-mail in your info, to keep down on the spam you can get a temp free one here:

It worked for me


anyone know how many ounces the free sample is?


Anyone else fight to open those tiny plastic shampoo samples in the shower?


@firebirdude: Absolutely! I don't understand why they make the lids (?) like that - I hate them!


@peaty: So you're more concerned they are asking for your email than your are for them asking for your phone number?


@zollars23: e-mail, you can fake a phone number and addy easily but sometimes they want to have you send back a conformation e-mail. That link lets you do that. I wasn't sure if they were going to do that or not, in this case they didn't but you never know if they somehow check if it's real or not.


@supersox: Not sure on this one, but I have received garnier fructis samples before that weren't even bottles. They were the single use squeeze kind that you practically have to rip open with your teeth, and barely enough product for one use (on my long hair) as is. Pretty cheap for an expensive brand, imho. I've received tresseme samples that lasted 3 shampoos


@peaty: why would you fake your address for a free sample?


@priestessmercury: Garnier is a very inexpensive hair product brand, one regular size bottle of shampoo is almost always less than $5.


The 1st rule of Fall Fight Shampoo is you don't talk about Fall Fight Shampoo. Period.


@sethdomenic: good point what I was getting at is you can't fake a valid e-mail if you have an e-mail verification step, the other things you can.


@peaty: Let's think about this for a second. You want them to mail you a free sample but you give them a fake addy.

Hmmm... and they're going to mail it where?


I didnt see a submit button???


I used to get samples all the time from Start Sampling years ago. I had no issues with them or their website.
Areacode-555-1212 is my default phone number; mine is unlisted and I refuse to provide one. I don't recall not ever getting an sample when using that phone number. They're not getting my actual birthday either.


You do not need to provide your actual phone #, nor any valid e-mail address or Phone #
Make up the info, they do not verify it. Just make sure your mailing address is correct.
They’ll ask you gender and one more dummy question on the next page, and that is it.
“You’ll receive your sample in ~ 6 weeks” confirmation message.