dealsgrand theft auto v (xbox 360/ps3) (price after…


It would be useful if people indicated [MIR] in the title


@lichme: Perhaps, but then people wouldn't think it was as good of a deal and the OP might miss out of impulse up-votes. :P


This will be $35 on black friday at Wal-mart with no MIR. Might as well wait for that.


@lichme: The moment I see a deal and the site is Tiger Direct I know it is an MIR.



Can you verify this pricing? Will you give me the $24.99 to purchase it new if it's not true? LoL


@creasekeeper28: It's in their black Friday ad, but only has a 1 hour, in-store only "in stock guarantee". In other words, if you're not waiting in line all night, you ain't gonna get it for that price.


@bsmith1: Actually the 1 hour guarantee means as long as you show up the hour they start selling it then you're guaranteed to get one. No need to be there all night waiting.


Actually "Customers who are in the designated lines at Walmart between 6 and 7 p.m. or 8 and 9 p.m. local time on Thursday, Nov. 28 can purchase top gifts at special low prices with confidence that they’ll receive the item either that night or before Christmas."

If it sells out you can buy a gurantee card which will "gurantee" that it will ship to your store before Christmas


@lionheel: So you're still guaranteed to get one...