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I just bought a pair of glasses from eyebuydirect. The first pair was manufactured wrong due to a glitch on the website, and an error on my part, but the replacement pair was made properly and are perfect. I'd suggest anyone buying glasses online to go through the ordering process to get what he/she wants, but don't buy until making a phone call to them to make sure you get what you think you're ordering on their site. Call to make sure the order is correct, which would be the best thing to do on any site that sells glasses.


Get a 5% discount using code "IFWECBC9M3." I'm not sure that it will work combined with the buy 1 get 1, but worth a shot.


I always look at these sites and get annoyed because they never go beyond a plus or minus 10 prescription. There are some of us that are blinder than that out on the webs that would love a deal if you guys just made our strengths


I really like all the customization options.

It seems like a really good option if anyone is looking at getting a pair (or two) of the gaming/computer glasses from Gunnar as they let you customize tint levels/color.
-Anyone have any experience with this particular idea?