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I just ordered two and they don't tell you shipping until AFTER you have purchased, then you find out you have paid $14.95 for shipping!!!! I'm in the process of trying to cancel!!!


@poetslair: Ouch! That doesn't seem very honest. Hope you can cancel!


Please e-mail just call our customer service at 1-414-892-7951 to fix that or e-mail me personally at The coupon code should be fixed now with the correct charges.


I had a similar problem with the shipping charges. (Could not find ANYWHERE on the site that stated shipping charges. But, if you proceed with the order by entering your information, at one point in the process you can choose from various shipping options.) I ordered the keyboard(s) and another item priced at $3.99. The shipping was over $25! I then removed the $4 item and the shipping dropped to $13.95. (WHAT?) So, I figured I was getting two (2) keyboards for $13.45 each. This didn't feel quite so bad, but I really only need one. Except, if their products are as bad as the website and, it seems, the company itself, then having a backup keyboard is probably not a bad idea. This morning, 2 days after I placed my order, I find they are out-of-stock (no email with that info, by the way) and it will be 13 days before there are new ones to ship. I am now researching to find a keyboard elsewhere in my price range which will ship MUCH sooner.


Could you please forward me your invoice ID so I can look at it? I've tested the coupon code and shipping is right around $4-5 dollars for the continental US for 2 keyboards. Also the product is not out of stock. Its in stock and you should be receiving your order within 3-5 business days after you order


I had the same thing happen to me a few weeks ago. I didn't know what the shipping was until after I purchased. I immediately emailed them to cancel it, and they did, but I received no communication about shipping being lower. Not cool