dealsaaa batteries - maxell 36 ct. for $8.30 + freeā€¦


Price is back up to $9.76 at present. Must fluctuate a lot...


@gwbaker: look again, subscribe and save. you have to enter a contract to receive monthly deliveries of 36 batteries for like a year.


@kromo: Actually no -- you can sign up for up to six months between deliveries, and they explicitly state that it's OK to cancel after your first order. In case you forget, several days before an automatic shipment you'll receive a reminder email that clearly offers the chance to cancel.

I do it all the time, particularly for things like paper towels that can have major price fluctuations between sizes. (Example: Bounty Paper Towel Huge Rolls can vary significantly on a per-roll basis between the 8-pack and the 12-pack, so I cancel and redo it all the time.)

The biggest difference is that S&S items are no longer eligible for Prime 2-day shipping, they always come "super saver."


@izzyizzo: Did you know that if you post two deals from the same company, the first one is stacked under the second one? Unless you wait to post 24 hours or more between. Your aa battery deal is still there. If you click on
+ show more deals from izzyizzo
you will see the other deal.


@wootnight: Now I know. And knowing is half the battle.



@izzyizzo: "And knowing is half the battle."

G.I. Joe?


@antares008: no, no, it's supposed to be sung when saying it after that magical phrase. "Geeee-eye-Joeeeeeee!"


I love Amazon, but you can't always trust the price. They fluctuate a LOT! I was purchasing an item that was $50 and on clearance for $20. I didn't get to order it until the next day and when I went back, it was listed at $4! I couldn't believe it. I called and it was an error in the listing so I said I'd go ahead and order it for the previous listing of $20. They said that was an error too! The price was actually $40! What a load of __!