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S&H $3.99 - Still a pretty good price for one of these, delivered.


@dogbountyhunter1: Looks like the one you posted is 5W too, instead of 3W. While that isn't a true indicator of LED brightness, the reviews of the 3W bulb on Amazon ( indicate that the 3W bulb in the OP is too dim to be noticeable. The 5W may be a better choice. I've been looking for bulbs like these for my parties, since buying the bright single-color LED bulbs are expensive and a hassle to change out for events.


This seems slick, and I feel like I want to buy one or ten. But for the life of me I cannot conceive of a scenario where having a remote controlled, color-changing light bulb would serve any practical use. What do people use these for?


@homncruse: I get it - "Hey, slow down a minute baby. Keep your clothes on while I set the mood with my remote that draws the curtains, dims the lights and turns on some slow grooves. Then I'm gonna blow your mind and grab my other, separate, new light-bulb-only remote and change the color of that light bulb right over there to something a little more conducive, if you get my drift."
Her - "Oooh, sswilcox, you're everything I imagined and more."

Apparently I'm going to the wrong kinds of parties. The kind that only have regular colored light bulbs.

Thanks for the suggestion @homncruse. Anyone else have another idea for how this could be used for anything other than a novelty?


@sswilcox: Well, I use LED colored bulbs when I throw my annual Halloween party. I cover the house in reds and green lighting. It sets off the rest of the decor well. Of course, the bulbs I use aren't color-changing, so I swap them out each year, and they're not very versatile. Since I only throw the one big party per year, it's not too much of a hassle, but I have another friend who throws multiple themed parties a year, and he always uses his remote-controlled LED lighting to set the right mood for the party.

Lighting really does make a difference in themed decor.


I use them in ceiling lights as night lights (red). Works like a charm.