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IF you can get Pictionary (about $15) as well, this becomes a great party game.

Otherwise, unless you're a Mario Paint fan, I'd pass.


Awww the thing that brought down THQ...I have one of these and it is good for little kids but only entertaining for adults for about 10 mins. I say buy one show your grand kids in 30 years like what people do with the ET Atari cartridge.


picked up the tablet for $9.99 on PS3 from BB previously. Just got Pictionary for PS3 for about $10 from Amazon and I'm psyched to give it a shot - I frakkin' LOVE Pictionary! Sadly, the 360 version of Pictionary is a little pricier on Amazon at the moment, but I'd watch for price drops.


Just tried and it is $9.99, not $4.99. Is there a code or something?