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I bought this directly from Monoprice over the summer for double the price, and I feel I still got a great deal. As good as or better than speakers priced much higher


Can you really call this a home theater "system" without the receiver?


I'm sure these speakers would do fine in a small room. But don't expect them to give you enough power to fill a large living room. I'm with @bsmith1, this is a speaker set and not a home theatre system since there is no receiver. Amazon reviews here


Bought these directly from monoprice a few months ago when i bought my new tv...
These are the bomb for the price. Easily match 200$ plus 5.1 systems. Perfect for a bedroom or smaller room. Suprised by the quality of the sub. Puts out good bass and gets very loud without any distortions. Very good entry level 5.1 system to get into home theater. I will be keeping this for a very long time.... Matched it with a Okoyo 5.1 reciever.

$71.29 at Mono Price.
Daily Steals did not title the sale properly. It should be "5.1 Channel Home Theater Satellite Speakers & Subwoofer"
Satellite Speakers and Subwoofer. That's it.
I'd just pay the extra at Monoprice since dailysteal is claiming the list price is $200 and labelled it as a system... when it's neither. Go to


This website has shills posting positive comments about the products it sells. Quite sure of it.


Dailysteals resellerating is 2.9/10. I wouldn't buy anything from anyone who has a rating less than 7, let alone 2.9......


Also, these are recertified. NOT refubished. There's adifference. Recertified is another term dailysteals frequently uses to replaced the term "used" These will not have any reconditioning done to them. And most likely they will throw these in a random box and arrive to your doorstep in the worst possible condition. Seriously think twice before you buy recertified items from dailysteals. I wouldn't buy from them at all, but if you want to take your chances, by all means. But dailysteals is rated 2.9/10 for very good reasons


Buy them from Monoprice AVOID dailysteals !


I knew nothing about Monoprice's sound equipment until recently. I bought a pair of earbuds from them for like $10 with shipping and, while a little uncomfortable, they have fantastic sound. So I guess Monoprice can do something other than sell me the cheapest HDMI cables around.


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