dealsdremel trio rotary tool kit (new) for $59.99


If only my wife would see this, and realize my birthday is this weekend and that I really want one - all at the same time! :-)


I was soooooo tempted by this when it was on one of the other Woot! sites, until I found out that it uses an odd size collet, so you can only use the proprietary bits made for this unit. Regular Dremel bits don't fit, and regular router bits don't fit. That's too limiting.


@drgandalf: Just came in to post the same exact thing.

I've almost bought this a handful of times, but that always stops me.

I've been using a jigsaw and router (both addon tools to the cordless Porter Cable set I have). shrug It's a good tool, but there's too much compromise, and the proprietary sizing makes it not a deal imo.