deals5 stage sleep shot sample for $0.00 + freeā€¦


So you can stay awake with them and use them to force sleep?


What if you take both? GREAT SCOTT! TIME PARADOX!?


Elvis has entered the building.


Says it contains tryptophan and melatonin, doesn't specify amounts of either. Probably way cheaper (well, after you get your free sample) and less disgusting to just buy a bottle of melatonin capsules (if these taste anything like energy shots), but this will make a great stocking stuffer for my insomniac mother-in-law. Thanks!


How do you get the free shipping? It only gives me one option - "Standard Shipping" - and it's $1.99. I'm at the final "place order" button and my cost is $1.99. Not gonna pay that!

Edit: Ok, I clicked "place order", 'cause I figured I'd have to log into paypal, before it could get my money. I'm at the paypal screen and they definitely want me to pay $1.99 for the shipping. I got a bunch of "Super C Sleep" packets from the 99 Cents Only Stores (7 in a box) and my guess it that this is similar.


No free shipping here. Pass.