dealskitchenaid 5 quart professional 5 plus stand…


holy $**t. I have never seen this for $249, let alone $224, not to mention $194 after the $30 rebate.

crazy steal...thx


Tax added to my order- Still, total was $252.51 after coupon. Great tip on the rebate as well! FINALLY got one of these. Been wanting one for YEARS! Plus, even though I never made a purchase, at some point I must have registered my email, so the coupon didn't show up. I sent myself an invite for the deal, and now I got $25 off and another $25 for my original account. Have to see if there's something else I want to buy!


My total was 231.95 BEFORE the rebate. Now we'll see if it gets here in time for the wedding shower! I'll be really happy with them if they pull this off.


@debfieser: My order did take a couple of business days to ship, but should be arriving via UPS on Monday. Shipping from KY if that helps.

Also, tax is charged for KY, NY, and NV according to the website.