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I contacted about the "free shipping" label in the page title. Hopefully they'll clear that up soon.


Lame. Free shipping a bust. Move on.


Okay, first of all, $11.99 is only a $1 off the "RRP" - the original retail price per Lego - which was $12.99. To see what a Lego set "should" cost, or whether a site is inflating Lego prices, I recommend that you go to Just put the set# into the upper right-hand corner search box, & you'll get all the info about that set – if it's still available at (if not, when it was) & most importantly, the original price. Many sites inflate Lego prices, then put them on "sale" (Toys "R" Us is horrible about doing this – 95% of all Lego sets they sell are priced higher than at, & that is what Yo-Yo did here.

As far as Yo-Yo goes, you can get a really good deal there, if you are NEW customer. The 30% off one item (up to $20) is good enough that I was a "new" customer 3 times –YOYO30 - but I had to use 3 different mailing addresses. They offer free shipping on purchases over $49, and that can be reached from 1 site or multiple (several linked sites). Good luck!


@michaels1715: Thanks for posting that after I already expired the deal.


I'm aware that you were being sarcastic. I posted, even though the deal was expired, for informational purposes - for you or for anyone else who may look here.

I see that you've posted yoyo deals in the past, and the 30% OFF was mentioned in the comments then, so I'm surprised that you didn't mention it when you posted this and other deals on yoyo. The 30% off is ongoing - for well over a year now.

I see that you've posted Lego deals in the past, so I thought you might like to find out how to tell what a good price is for Legos. If you don't, maybe someone else will.

Posting after a deal is expired certainly doesn't hurt anyone - except perhaps myself - for wasting my time posting information on how to save money when it is not appreciated. If I help just one person, though, I am happy.

Have a wonderful day :)