deals(ps4) thief w/ $25 dell gift card for $50.00…


Same deal for PS 3, Xbox 1 or Xbox 360


Dead. Now $49.99 w/ no gift card.

In any event, is this game worth getting or not? The pics / videos look cool, but the reviews are all over the board.


@crab: It's not dead - the gift card promo appears when you add the item to your cart (it just worked for the PS4 version for me).


If you wanted the game to be as awesome as it was back when it was on PC (which I did), you will be sorely disappointed. If you want at short game and don't mind a disjointed storyline and -- for some -- insane difficulty because the problems have to be solved more linearly than one would think, then you'll enjoy it. With the gift card, I'd pick it up. Without it, absolutely not.